7 Things You Should Be Doing to Get Through Midterms (or any week for that matter)

1. Make a plan.
Make a to-do list, organize your planner, make a sticky note and stick it to your
wall and rip it off when it’s completed, whatever it takes. I tend to go
overboard and give myself time slots for everything, including showering and 30 minute relaxation breaks. But hey, whatever floats your boat.
2. Allow yourself little breaks.
Set a timer on your phone and work thirty minutes without interruptions. Then
have a two minute break where you can look at Twitter, Instagram, etc. Repeat cycle. Increase time increments if you can.
3. Plan something fun for when it’s all done.
Someone just asked me how I’ve been so calm with everything I have to do this
week. Well, when I want to break down and sleep for the next five days, I remind myself of the wicked fun thing I planned for the weekend. You may or may not have to repeat this mantra to yourself like eighty times while studying.
4. Multi-task.
Eat while you study, study while you eat. Quiz yourself mentally on facts when you’re driving. Just keep it moving.
5. Don’t skip out on something because you’re “too busy.”
For me, I take a yoga class at my gym on Mondays. You may be extra busy this
week, but make time for the things you do on a regular basis. It will make you
feel more normal.
You won’t retain as much if you’re tired. Weren’t you listening in 5th grade
health class?
7. Drink extra water.
That coffee you just had dehydrated you. The more dehydrated you are, the harder your crash will be after that caffeine high. Drink some water, save yourself a headache. Hell, maybe even put some lemons or other citrus fruit in it.

l8r sk8rs,